Ben Poole


Ben Poole 34 years old. 


 I recently won Eastern Counties Heavyweight Title 14/03/2020 and called time on this type of boxing for now.


I am a licensed coach with The Amateur Boxing Alliance coach/Fighter

I am carded. 


Past fighting history 


1.Debut Tom Newman Pts win. 2010 (Lowestoft)

2. Johnny Geroge SD Win 2011 (Norwich)

3. Gatis Saultums Pts win ISKA title Fight.2012 (Gorleston) 

4. Tom Carter ISKA MMA  Middleweight pts win.(Gorleston)

5. BJJ  Submission win first round.2014 (Norwich)

6. UBA Heavyweight Pts win 2015. (Gt. Yarmouth)

7. BBF, ECBC, European, KBO English TKO 3rd win 2017. (Gravesend)

8. Pro Bare Knuckle 2018 KO first round win.(Manchester)

9. WBU International Heavyweight. 10x2 SD  win. 2018 (Sittingbourne Kent)

10. Eastern Counties Heavyweight 2020. KO round 2 win. (Clacton)

Charity exhibitions and memorial fights 8 in total.


However I have been boxing since I was ten years old in a amateur gyms and although I dont have as many fights on my record suggest I am experienced.



Champions Trained


1 . ISKA Junior Champion Lewis Davies.  2012 (Gorleston)

2. ISKA British Champion Gary Warford. 2012 (Gorleston)

3. British Champion Harley Thompson. 2014


4. British Champion David Payne 2014 pts Newmarket.

6. Eastern Counties David Payne 2015 pts Newmarket.

7. Danny Wane 2017 , King of Ring Southern Area Championship Essex. EC Heavyweight Royston (matched)

8. Eastern Counties Light Heavyweight 2020 Lewis Herrington-Waters. KO round 1 Clacton.

9. Southern Area Cruiserweight Danny Witcombe pts 2020 Clacton.

10. Eastern Counties Veteran Cruiserweight Heath Duncan 2020 Clacton KO round 1 Clacton.

11. Southern Area Heavyweight Debut Jordan Everett KO round 1. 2020 Clacton.